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Bartender Mixology

Bartending can be a great career to get into, for many reasons. It benefits from:
  • Low barriers to entry (no degree and minimal education required)
  • Cash tips & salary or hourly wages
  • The opportunity to meet new people and have fun at the same time
And much more!

It can take years to train for other careers; bartender training takes only a few hours in your spare time. The best part is that you can get your bartender training done anywhere you have Internet access by taking the Bartender Training (Mixology) course.

The PSCC bartender mixology training course contains all the information you require to be a professional bartender.
This includes, but isn't limited to: 
  • Drink recipes 
  • cream drinks 
  • garnish & mixers 
  • Multiple liquor drinks 
  • sour drinks 
  • martinis 
  • highball & juice 
  • exotic drinks 
  • wine drinks 
  • hot drinks
  • shooters 
  • customer service 
and much more! 

Throughout the course, you will be guided step-by-step through each lesson. There are several lessons, with a quiz at the end of each lesson. In the lessons, there are interactive flash cards, video clips, audio segments, and pictures and graphics to help you remember and retain the information. After you've completed all the lessons and lesson quizzes, there is a comprehensive final exam. After you've passed that, you can print your certificate!

The Bartender Training (Mixology) course can be used for training in any state.


12 Interactive Lessons
Using your computer, tablet or other Internet-connected device, the lessons guide you at your own pace through the text, embedded audio, video, and color photos.

125 Audio/Video Segments
The more than two hours of embedded audio and video demonstrations give detailed, in-depth instruction.

400 Photos and illustrations
Hundreds of color photos of drinks and the liquor/liqueur(s) used will help you become familiar with the appearance and glassware.

16 self-grading quizzes
In every lesson there is a minimum of one computerized graded quiz that tests your knowledge.

Bonus Bottle Trick Lesson!
After students requests, we added this popular bonus lesson - complete with videos - which explains the fundamentals of flair bartending for those who are interested.

Student Manual
Over a hundred of the most popular drinks are divided into 12 lessons, divided by category. You can view this manual on your computer or print it out for a paper copy.

Letter of Recommendation
Looking for an edge to get a better job? This personalized, professional employment letter is available upon request after passing the final exam!

Sample Bartender Resume
Writing a perfect resume is a great way to get the foot in the door for a great job. We'll show you exactly how to write a winning resume.

Bartending Course Support
Have a problem? Just call us or email us (in the built-in course email system) and we'll take care of it! We're interested in helping you succeed. 

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